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Bill Morgan
My other job:  dance instructor.  Before that job, social services for many years.
My photography rests in the spirit of PhotoArt.  I enjoy all photography.
I became interested in digital photography when Marilyn and I recieved a digital camera as a gift in 2001. I’ve used that camera so much that it’s almost worn out!!  I’m now carrying the camera everywhere I go. I now “see” differently; Life has a different perspective now!
My interest in photography goes back to watching my Uncle Jack work on black and white photos in the basement darkroom when I was young.
The theme to my work is to not only look but to risk “seeing” into the next level; this theme is not restricted to photography alone.
My goal is to find the Art in the so-called ordinary and share my discoveries with others.
Camera: FinePix 6900z.  (or any camera that’s available at the time.)

My support system:
Marilyn Morgan
The energy of Love!!  Da’ Babe!

The average cat: (Ha! Is there such an animal !)